360° Full dome camera: a fun travel companion!

360° Full dome camera: a fun travel companion!

Do you want to surprise yourself and the ones you want to show off with photos or a movie of your holiday? Take this funny gizmo with you on your trip. It works in practically the same way as an action cam. But this cam has 2 objectives, so you shoot a 360° photo or a movie. With a GoPro compatible mount you can use all supports from this brand.


We have used it on the pull bar of our jeep on a bar while doing a safari. Handling this cam is not that easy due to the lack of buttons, like every action cam! But you can also connect your smart phone to the device what makes it a little bit easier to operate. Be aware that battery life of your smartphone and camera will be reduced!

But it’s so funny to see when your family and friends are looking at the footage. They look for hours to the footage while turning their heads. It’s like they are on the trip themselves.

Our Plus

  • Small action cam like device
  • possibility of using a plastic cover to protect the device
  • bluetooth connection possible
  • great result for such a small device
  • you will go home with hours of original footage

Attention Points

  • you see clearly the border between the 2 objectives especially when there is a big light difference between the front and the rear objective
  • tripod is of bad quality
  • part of the image under the camera is distorted

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