Used Gear

Selling Used Gear @ Capture Namibia

Sell between 2 parties

Instead of throwing away your old equipment, give your old equipment a second life! So we all contribute to a better environment and somebody else will be happy to use your gear!

At Capture Namibia, we advise you a fair value for your used equipment. To get your second-hand equipment valuated, you can bring your gear in personally to our store.

How do we do: a step by step process

1. Bring in your gear for an estimation.

Bring your gear in at our store at 197, Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue in Windhoek. We’ll inspect your gear and give you a valuation. If we need to inform ourselves into detail, we will take contact afterwards with you to give you an estimation. If you are pleased with the price, we can go to the following step.

2. We sell your gear.

We will place your gear on our website and keep it in our store. When we have sold your gear, we will contact you.

3. We pay you.

Once we have received the money, we either transfer the money onto your account or you can pass by our store.

Additional requirements

By law, the sale of used products in Namibia requires proof of identity. If you visit our store with your used gear, please remember to bring your Namibian ID, Namibian Driver’s license or Passport document along.

We’ll also need a few other details, such as your residential address and proof of ownership. Please do not forget to bring this along, otherwise we have to refuse the gear.

Using a 2 digits-rating system to give an objective opinion.

We work with a rating system to help you in taking your decision when purchasing the second hand gear.

  • We have the rating for looks or external appearances.
Appears as new.
8 Shows little or no signs of wear.
7 Shows signs of use, but very clean.
6 Shows moderate wear or finish marks.
5 Well used - may exhibit light damages, finish marks.
4 Shows considerable amount of use.
  • We have a rating for technical or internal condition when tested upon delivery.
Technical nearly perfect state
9 Technical good working with a small attention point
8 Works ok but has an attention point
7 Works ok but has several attention points
6 Works but has a damage
5 Works but has severals damages

Attention points can be sand, dust or grit in the material. We will perform a basic test with the gear to control general functions.


Since we only offer a service between 2 parties, Capture Namibia can't give any warranty.

Tips and Tricks for selling or trading in your used gear

  • Remember your battery and charger - we can NOT accept used cameras without these accessories.
  • Make sure that your gear is in the best condition. Always store your gear in a safe place and always protect your gear by placing it in a good protection bag.

Terms and Conditions

  • The advised price we give is valid for up to 14 days. Since its your equipment, you can always decide your asking price.
  • We only trade in digital SLR’s and digital SLR lenses. No point-and-shoot cameras.
  • Your equipment will be inspected in the order that it was received.
  • If the description you provided is accurate, we can proceed to the selling phase. If we find that the condition of your equipment is not as you described, we will contact you to modify or rescind our valuation and explain the reason for doing so.
  • If we do not reach an agreement, you can take your equipment back. But now you have an objective valuation of your equipment.
  • Capture Namibia ( Waterfig Investments cc Trading as), or its employees, does not accept any responsibility for damage to your equipment, malfunction of your equipment or loss of equipment that occurred during handling or storage in our store.
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