HD Metal

When you look for the best full color quality

This print uses todays technology. Here the ink is sublimated on the metal plate. This results in incredibly vibrant colours. Because of the used technique, the photo will last for a life-time. If wanted, they can put it in extra frame.

High quality

This extra ordinary result can only be a result of a special technique: sublimation. Using 4 basic colours and heat, the colours are not only flown into each other but the complete photo is sublimed onto the metal. So you won’t see any dots what makes the colours vibrant and sharp.


An aluminium layer of 1 mm is used as a base for the photo. On this base the High Definition glossy photo will be print. A result of ultra fine definition will last for many years


If you want, complexe forms can be made. Be creative and make your personal composition. Place that magnificent photo in an unique way on your wall

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