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Under the Namibian sky – Exclusive Photo safaris

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Visiting Namibia is turning a holiday into an experience. Traveling in this country with breathtaking views, epic wildlife and friendly people is being submerged in a postcard. Now you have the opportunity of taking yourself that postcard or even a picture that you can blow up and hang on your wall at home. Become yourself a professional photographer or videographer!

Together with specialists in organizing tours in Namibia, we have prepared some photo-tours in Namibia for you. We make sure that on each tour, you will be guided with an experienced photographer to achieve the best result!

Or would you like to have a customized photo-tour? Together with you, we build a once in a lifetime photo experience! You can even choose one of our preferred photographers to accompanying you.

Contact us if you would like to have more information at or +264 81 659 7503.

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Namibian Astro tour
Sterrekijker met view

The extreme Namibian heat starts fading during April and May brings with it cooler weather, longer nights and ideal conditions for astro photography. This tour has been planned to put us at the ideal astro destinations during the waning moon phase, when we can shoot Namibia’s famous night skies after sunset and still get to bed at a normal time.

This tour is limited to 6 participants with two guides, offering a fantastic client to guide ratio and plenty of space to shoot.

Skeleton Coast tour

We offer dedicated photographic trips into Namibia’s secretive southern skeleton coast.

The Namib desert coastline stretches from the town of Luderitz in the far south to Walvis Bay in the central west, for roughly 400km. This coastline is the stuff of legend; shipwrecks, diamond mining and mysterious disappearances of diamond camp labourers. Due to its extreme inhospitality, access is still tightly regulated – tourists are only allowed in under the strict supervision of a few select concession holders. The terrain is extreme even to experienced off-road adventurers. Visitors have to be 100% self-sufficient and you have be in convoy as single cars will have no method of recovery if they get stuck in the dunes.

For photographers, it is a wild frontier. A paradise of colourful mineral-rich dunes, abnormal wind-eroded geology, shipwrecks and incredible wildlife. It is home to sandwich harbour – a natural tidal lagoon where birdlife congregates en masse and jackal and hyena predate upon that birdlife. Antelope like Oryx and Springbok live in the dunes and the seals dot the coastline by the hundreds of thousands. Over the last few decades, the odd photographer or two has visited the area, but it seems that it has been overlooked by the vast majority. It’s unspoilt nature is virgin to photographers. Our recce trip that we did felt like a surreal journey into a parallel universe and we cannot wait to go back.

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Namibian North-West tour

Visit the North West of Namibia. Dive into the world of desert adapted elephants, rhinos and so many more animals. Be mesmerized by the magnificent views of the Huab Valley and Kaokaland.

We set up camp close to a river bed and watch the day become night and a new world of stars and planets will become our blanket. Difficult to sleep with so much beauty around you.

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