Beanbag Car door model

N$ 500,00

Give the best support for your photo-gear!

High quality double layered heavy canvas beanbag.

Available colours:

Olive green – Zebra

Dimensions can differ slightly. Given dimensions are when the beanbag is filled.

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This beanbag has 2 feels so that you can place the beanbag on a car door when the window is open. You can easily fill the beanbag with the required amount of beans. The bag is made out of a double heavy canvas. The other is dust proof, the inner is water resistant. We have used double stitches to secure beanbag in demanding conditions.

This beanbag is produced by Penduka. This is an organisation situated in Katatura, Windhoek who provides work to several hundred woman all over Namibia.

To be filled with beans or allergofill

Can be used on an open window car-door or when you flip it, you use it as a normal flat beanbag

Easy to transport

Double layered heavy canvas


Beanbag – no filling

Additional information

Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 26 × 25 × 28 cm


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