PXL Voical MC-50 Microphone

N$ 149/day

A professional microphone

N$ 149,00/day

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The Pixel Voical MC-50 Microphone is a professional and high performance microphone. Which adopts the super cardioids polar pattern system. This means that it can significantly reduce the surrounding ambient noise. It has excellent recording effects, that can help compensate for under modulation and over modulation. The operator can switch between a very handy -10dB to +10dB. This means that an operator can increase / decrease the actual sound being recorded at the flick of a switch. Working example if the operator is recording a live speaker and the speaker is speaking to loud, then the operator would use a -10dB in order to compensate for the loud speaker. In contrast if the speaker was speaking to low then the operator would use a +10dB to compensate for the low speaker. etc.. The Voical MC-50 Microphone has a compact structure and is light weight with an Bipolar output buffer FET impedance converter circuit as well as a very thoughtful design towards voltage and includes a sensitivity light indicator. With it’s compact size, elegant black appearance and professional looks, the Voical MC-50 is the best friend to those who demand good quality audio in their projects.

Model no.                                                                     PXL MC-50

Low Cut                                                                        ON/OFF

Noise reduction                                                           – 10 dB/0/+ 10dB

Microphone PXL MC-50 Yes
Standard connection cable Yes
Bag Yes
Plastic case Yes



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