Skeleton Coast tour

Skeleton Coast Tour

Photographer @ coast


8 day trip – June 2021

  • Day 1 – Walvis Bay
  • Day 2 – Shipwreck
  • Day 3 – Astro Shoot
  • Day 4 – Dunes
  • Day 5 – Wildlife
  • Day 6 – Wildlife – Shipwreck
  • Day 7 – Sunrise – editing
  • Day 8 – Depart from Walvisbay

From N$ 55 000 per person

Itinerary in details

We could list our destination names here, but as we are going into no-mans land, the names of the places don’t carry much meaning to someone who doesn’t know the desert intimately. Furthermore, we are playing our cards close to our chests otherwise there will be 50 photo tours into this desert in the following year as all the operators are desperate for a new destination in Namibia. What we can tell you is the following –

Day 1 – All participants will be received at Walvis Bay airport and taken to our guesthouse on the lagoon. Once checked in, we’ll do a briefing on the days to come as there is a lot of important information to share. Once the briefing is done we’ll go for dinner and make sure we get to bed early.

Day 2 – Starting before sunrise, we will travel inland and enter the desert from the East in order to give you a feeling for how the dunes change from East to West and show you many of the desert’s incredible and unique attractions along the way. We will either camp at a beautiful high viewpoint of the coastal dunes or next to a shipwreck on the beach.

Day 3 – The mornings will start very early as our astro shoots will happen primarily in the mornings, when the milky way is on the western horizon. After sunrise and breakfast, we will move south, passing several abandoned diamond mining towns, but our aim is a special area of the desert with colourful dunes, amazing wind-eroded boulders and lots of quartz-rich sand that makes amazing macro-ripples.

Day 4 – After another early start for astro and sunrise, we will head West, passing the Eduard Bohlen, to a stunning section of the coast with very high dunes that overlook the sea with great panoramic vistas. This is a short driving day, which will give us a relaxing afternoon to nap, shoot or enjoy some G&T’s.

Day 5 – Following another early morning, we’ll drive north towards an area with incredible wildlife, including flamingoes and pelicans as far as the eye can see, other birdlife including dune larks and jackal, oryx and hopefully brown hyena. This is another short day of driving and once camp is setup, we can go in search of wildlife either on foot or by car.

Day 6 – Our fifth day is a contingency day that will be allocated by popular demand. We can either use it as a 2nd day at the wildlife destination or to return to the shipwreck in case the mist spoiled our astro photos on the first attempt.

Day 7 – On the final day we’ll shoot sunrise, have breakfast and we should be back in Walvis Bay around noon. After washing the sand out of our everythings, we’ll go for a big lunch, followed by a download and editing session.

Day 8 – On the 8th day we’ll get everyone back to the Walvis Bay airport in time for their flights out.

Need some help on which gear to use on this trip?

Ask us at

What is not included?

• Airfare to and from Walvis Bay.
• Non-mealtime snacks and drinks
• Beverages – due to weight limitations, each person has to purchase their own drinks. This prevents us from guessing what and how much you want to drink and thus driving unnecessary cargo over the dunes.
• Credit Card surcharges
• Any purchases of a personal nature
• Travel Insurance – as this trip involves extreme off-road driving into extremely rural areas, you will have to take out comprehensive travel insurance with medevac cover. You will have to provide proof of your policy to us to be allowed on the tour.
• Use of a satellite phone for personal/non-emergency reasons.

What is included?

• Single Occupation is standard – this workshop does not have a single supplement fee.
• Ground Transport for the entire duration of the tour in latest model Toyota SUV’s (Hilux or Fortuner)
• Concession fees to spend 5 nights in the Namib wilderness (this concession is extremely expensive for small groups and near impossible to get).
• All meals commencing with dinner on 17 June 2020 and finishing with breakfast on 24 June 2020.
• Maximum Guide to client ratio of 1:3
• All accommodation/lodging costs.
• Continuous assistance with your photography and image processing by the guide.
• The services of a highly experienced local guide and driver.
• A highly experienced tour leader with great knowledge and experience of landscape photography.
• Use of a satellite phone for emergencies

Your specialists of this tour

Hougaard Malan has been guiding and organising photo tours to Nambia for just shy of a decade. He has taken people from every corner of the planet to every corner of Namibia. His own photos of Namibia have won him awards like the 2016 International Landscape Photograph of the Year and his clients have also won numerous awards with the photos captured on his tours. Hougaard is fluent in English and Afrikaans and is in charge of the landscape photography and teaching on all tours.

Very few people can say they are from Sossusvlei, but that is the case for Jandre Germishuizen. After school, he dove head first into the tourism industry. He cut his teeth working on some of Southern Africa’s most respected reserves as a guide before moving back to Namibia. He is an accredited FGASA nature guide with a vast wealth of knowledge about Namibia’s fauna and flora. His real passion is wildlife photography and he has been focusing on the photographic tourism industry for the last three years. As a Namibian in the Namibian tourism industry, he is incredibly well connected and his relationship with key people plays a big role in getting us the best access to concessions, local operators and parks. Jandre is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans and he is in charge of the wildlife photography and transport and logistics.

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