Springbok Package

Springbok Package

In this package you can choose your gear to capture your own memories during your holiday. You have a wide range of camera equipment to select from. One of our staff members will assist you in your choice to find the best gear that will suit you the best. We offer a 2 hour introduction work shop for you on which settings to use during your trip. We will be available during your entire holiday by phone when you have a question about the gear. When you need assistance in post editing, our team is ready to edit your best pictures. We also provide a print service to enlarge your best pictures and ship worldwide.

Photo by Solly levi

Our rates for 2021

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Indicative prices

Point to shoot camera An easy to use camera with the best zoom capabilities during your entire trip From N$ 900/day
The safari kit A DSLR with a 150 – 600 mm zoom range. Your best friend during your safari From N$ 1599/day
The Landscape kit A DSLR with a fast wide lens to capture all landscapes in Namibia From N$ 1499/day
The bird kit In combination with a DSLR a f/4 telephoto lens will give you the best results From N$ 1999/day
Post editing N$ 1000/photo
Print From N$500/photo
Insurance From N$ 99/day
Introduction workshop Included
Beanbag Included
Rainsleeve Included
Accessories Card reader, memory cards by quote

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