The right support for professional gear: the Benro Tripod with gimbal head

The right support for professional gear: the Benro Tripod with gimbal head

Once you’re working with professional material, you need a good support for your equipment. Mostly this gives you a limitation in handling your equipment such as moving around. Don’t look any further!

Place your equipment on the Benro Tripod-swinghead combination where you can move 360° around. With the adaptable legs, you can even do this on an uneven underground. Now stability is secured. We are using the Benro A2691T tripod. This aluminium tripod is easy to handle and you can unscrew one leg to use it as a monopod. The tripod stands on rubber ‘shoes’ but you can change them with metal points. This can secure the stability of the tripod when you’re on rocky terrain.





Now the gimbal or swinghead: We are using the gimbal of the same brand. Its loading capacity is 23 kg what is more then enough for the Canon 500 mm F/4 and Canon 5D MII combination. Fix the plate onto your camera or lens. After placing the camera on the gimbal the pleasure can start. When you’re right-handed,  place the handling knobs of the swing-head to your left ( opposite for left-hand). With a gentle turn on the knobs you can fix the 2 directions. And we mean a gentle turn because its immediately fixed. Working with the complete set-up is such a pleasure. You can easily move around to left or right, up and down. Once you have the right position, fix it and you know that your camera is set for taking the picture. This is really one of the best friends when you’re working with professional photo gear!


Our Plus

  • high quality equipment
  • easy to use
  • gentle turns with the required effect

Attention points

  • quite big

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