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On this page you will find our latest news, fun facts, inspiration and so much more. All things what can make your decision easier. Or just to make you a better photographer! Enjoy and we invite you to share your comments with everybody.

Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM

Since the beginning of 2020 we have added the Sigma 60-600 Sports to our range. Our first question was: Why does Sigma releases this lens when they already have these magnificent 150-600 mm Contemporary and 150-600 mm Sports lenses. Using these lenses we have already a perfect fit to go on safari! Once we had received the lens we started to work with it. Unboxing this lens tells you immediately it is a Sports lens: not a light weight! [...]

Nikon P 1000 – Go to 3000 mm!

The normal release of this camera was September 2018 but we had to wait until January 2019 to have full availability of this incredible zoom camera! We have tested the camera and it is ready for rent at our store in Windhoek. Cormorant @ Lake Oanob Resort We have tested this camera @ Gocheganas and Lake Oanob Resort. We wanted to capture a few test pictures before we put this big one in our rental range. There are a lot of [...]

New Canon 600 mm f/4L IS III

Look what we have found on the website from Canon rumours: 'We can confirm that the second “Big White Lens” coming ahead of Photokina will be the Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III. This will come along with the Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III that we reported on last week. We’re upgrading the rumor rating on the Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS III to [CR3] We can only speculate what the upgrades for the new lenses will be, but we’re pretty [...]

Ready for your Namibian holiday?

Make your Namibian holiday an experience that will last a lifetime! Wintertime is one of the best times to come and visit Namibia. Are you in need of transport while on holiday? Visit Asco Car Hire for a sturdy and reliable 4x4 which will take you to each destination in style and comfort. Do you need some guidance or assistance in planning your trip? Contact Explore Namibia and they will prepare your trip down to the finest detail!   Know that you [...]

Fathers’ day

  You don't know which present to give to your father?   And he likes to try to big lens or fly that drone. Why don't you give your father a Gift Card of Capture Namibia?   Now he can choose himself with which gear he wants to take that incredible photo or shoot that drone movie.     Visit our website and select the giftcard of your budget! Surprise your father with an unique gift.

Your photo on a poster or canvas

After a delightful weekend in the bush, a game lodge or a national park you end up with a lot of photos... Now what? Would it not be wonderful to make an enlargement of one of your photos? Now you can! We offer a wide range of nice solutions to make that enlargement.     To sum up a few possibilities: Photo on Poster: from A4 size up until a life-size poster Photo on canvas: convert your photo into a 'painting' Xpozer: an easy to change solutions if [...]

The 150 – 600 mm Collection

Since last year we have started to rent out the Sigma and Tamron 150-600 mm lenses. These 2 brands have put so much attention in these lenses with such incredible results, that we have decided to expand our range with another 2 150-600 mm lenses of these brands. Because the zoom range is so big and the results are so sharp, it makes these lenses one of the best lenses to go on safari with. Let’s start with an explanation on [...]

Canon 600 mm F/4: this lens gives you what you ask – only the best!

Last week we have expanded our range with a Canon 600 mm F/4. We couldn't wait to test this lens so no animals this time but we took pictures of a metal bird. As expected this lens delivers high quality photos, even in difficult light. This lens is a little bit heavy but nowadays we have more then enough tools that can help us such as a solid tripod from Benro or a good beanbag. We have tested the lens with [...]

Mavic Pro Alpine White

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White: An ideal partner for your Namibian holiday! Last Friday we have received the new DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo to complete our range. This drone has exactly the same features of the Mavic Pro but DJI put it in a complete white jacket. For our Namibian sun, that is a good feature! Combo means more. Beside the extra propellors you get, you get also 2 extra batteries. When you are out there, this is very [...]

Namibia by Namibian photographers, a collective photo exhibiton

Last week Monday, the Namibian Photo exhibition started. 15 well motivated photographers looked for their best photos to present.   Emmanuel and his wife organised everything and the result is an exhibition where Namibia is presented through a photographers' eye.     You can find the exhibition at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre at 118, Robert Mugabe Ave in Windhoek. The exhibition is open every week day from 08.00 until 17.00. The works are presented until the 16th of February 2018. Plan your visit and [...]

DJI Mavic Pro – easy to carry professional drone

This drone is so easy to carry. You fold the arms in and can place it in its carry-bag. For flying you just click your smart phone in the remote control. Make sure that you have installed the software on your phone and that you already have made connection with your drone before you are out in the bush. Otherwise you can not use the drone at all!! Before flying your drone, calibration has to be done. Just follow the [...]

DJI Spark: the small have it all

If you’re looking for the smallest drone today with professional features, take a look at the Spark model of DJI. You can even use your smartphone to control it. But I wouldn’t advice this because the range is very reduced. The drone is easy transportable in its isomo foam box and it’s ver well protected.You have place for a spare set of propellers and your SD cards. We have used the landing platform for take-off and landing. In that way, [...]

The right support for professional gear: the Benro Tripod with gimbal head

Once you’re working with professional material, you need a good support for your equipment. Mostly this gives you a limitation in handling your equipment such as moving around. Don’t look any further! Place your equipment on the Benro Tripod-swinghead combination where you can move 360° around. With the adaptable legs, you can even do this on an uneven underground. Now stability is secured. We are using the Benro A2691T tripod. This aluminium tripod is easy to handle and you [...]

360° Full dome camera: a fun travel companion!

Do you want to surprise yourself and the ones you want to show off with photos or a movie of your holiday? Take this funny gizmo with you on your trip. It works in practically the same way as an action cam. But this cam has 2 objectives, so you shoot a 360° photo or a movie. With a GoPro compatible mount you can use all supports from this brand.   We have used it on the pull bar of our [...]

As expected: pure professionalism

Looking for the real professional gear with professional results? Look no further. This lens-body combination will give you the wanted result. We use the Canon 500 mm F/4 with the Canon 5D MIII.   This lens is also know as the bird lens! And that is correct, one can shoot the perfect image of a bird with this lens. But don’t let it stop you there, look for other opportunities to work with this top lens. In Etosha, we have worked with [...]

Nikon 7200 + Sigma 150 – 600: a perfect match?

A few months ago we have tested this combination already in Daan Viljoen NP. This time we took it with us on a 3 week during journey. This was the real test on how this combination works when you’re on the go. Despite the higher weight of the lens compared of the Tamron, the combination was quite easy to use. Just pick it up and shoot. The camera doesn’t take too long to start up. Also the battery last for a [...]

Tamron 150-600 VS Sigma 150-600

Last April, we went to Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve. There we took the opportunity to test out some of our equipment that we rent out. We compared two fenomenal zoom lenses: The Sigma 150-600 Sport and the Tamron 150-600 GH2. Both lenses have an incredible zoom capacity and are quite small to carry.   These two zoomlenses are such a pleasure to work with. The zoom range is so big that you can take so many pictures with the same lens. [...]

Up in the air! Drone flying……

We have the Dji Phantom I and the Dji Phantom 3 Standard to test. As a first reaction we go for the Phantom 3 with all its new features. But we saw also advantages of the Phantom I. So choosing between the two will be again a very personal choice when leaving for a trip. Preparing to fly. First a calibration has to be performed. On the Phantom I you have to do it completely manually. On the III it [...]

On safari with the Nikon 200 – 400 F/4

Working as a professional safari photographer. We have to say, it’s not the most light lens we have worked with. But the pleasure, the speed, the accuracy, the detail you get and the zoom from 200 mm up until 400 mm makes this lens a real topper when going on safari. Over the entire range we have a minimum of F/4 aperture. That means we have a lot of light hitting the sensor. So difficult light situation will not [...]