Your personal photographer

Your personal photographer

When visiting Namibia, you will be traveling in one big post card. Would it not be nice to take an exclusive memory back home with you in the form of an epic picture or a small documentary film of your journey? But how to begin? Or can you even do it yourself? Now we can help you in creating your memory.


In collaboration with photographic and video graphic experts in Namibia we have established 3 unique packages for you. Or we can make a tailor made package together with you. Contact us today at and we make you a quote.



Springbok package

Be that professional photographer yourself! Together with us, you can choose the best gear to use on your trip. After an introduction workshop you are ready to go…

Pangolin package

A photographer for a day or more. Would you like to have some photographic assistance during your holiday or when you are in an epic place in Namibia? Ask us now!

Cheetah package

Relax, enjoy your holiday and rent a photographer plus drone pilot during your holiday. A team of 2 professional photographer/videographer/drone pilot will join you during your trip.

Taylor made package

You are looking for a specific solution during your journey? Or looking to have footage from a different angle? Or you would like to have a photographer that can teach you on how to take your safari photo? Or you do not find above a solution. Together with you, we can set up the camera equipment or assist you to achieve that perfect picture!

Your specialists

Tim Brunauer

Pascal Supply

With an experience of over 20 years, Pascal turned a hobby into a profession. Pascal wants to share his combined passion of photography and the Southern African nature to every visitor. He is also a licensed drone pilot what will result in a picture or footage taken from a different angle.


Roberto Kruger


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